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Hunan Ruisheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the only authorized dealer and service provider of ZEGA Zhigao Tunnelling (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. in Central China, and the only one in Central China that specializes in serving green mines, open mines, underground mines, engineering drilling and blasting projects, foundation pit anchoring construction, geological exploration and sampling, well geothermal and other engineering projects with drilling rigs, integrated down the hole drilling rigs, integrated full hydraulic drilling rigs A professional company specializing in the sales and application services of underground excavation trucks and air compressors. The company takes technical services as its core and adheres to the action plan of "valuing details, seeking efficiency, casting quality, seeking cooperation, and creating the future". The company adheres to the unique quality of Hunan people, which is "endure hardship, think carefully, be patient, and be domineering". The business philosophy is "unlimited technological innovation, ambitious and pioneering". Rooted in Hunan, serving Central China, striving for the whole country, and looking global, always thinking of customers, always being good friends and partners of customers, let customers be moved by our sincerity, and strive for the rise of China's national equipment manufacturing industry and the construction of green mining projects!
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Room 104 and 105, Building 1, Block A, Hardware and Electrical Market, Yuhua District, Changsha City
Address of No. 1 Chenzhou Company: Opposite to Water Conservancy Bureau, Wuling Avenue, Chenzhou City
Address of No. 2 Chenzhou Company: Hejia Resettlement Area, Wuling Electromechanical Market, Chenzhou City
Yichang Office, Yidu City, Hubei Province: Country Garden