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  • 2014

    ZEGA Mining (Shanghai) International Trade Co., LTD and Exhibition Center established
  • 2013

    Split drill formed 410, 420, 430 three series, nearly 20 varieties, covering all customer needs of split drill
  • 2012

    Well drilling rig and tamper were developed. The company was rated as the provincial enterprise Technology Center
  • 2011

    Screw machine products are subdivided into six systems, nearly 100 varieties. The company becomes the industry standard setting unit of crawler open-air drilling vehicle
  • 2010

    Development of 450 fully hydraulic integrated drilling rig. In the same year, the company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.
  • 2009

    Developed 510, 451 integrated drilling RIGS, and in the same year, the company's integrated drilling rig was rated as the first set of products in the key areas of national equipment manufacturing
  • 2008

    Completed the development of the second generation of 520, 460, 660 fully hydraulic integrated drilling RIGS, and was rated as Zhejiang Advanced Manufacturing base in the same year
  • 2007

    Development of the first generation of 450, 550, 650 fully hydraulic integrated drilling RIGS
  • 2006

    Development of diesel screw machine, ZGYX2600 drilling rig
  • 2005

    Development of electric screw machine, ZGYX3500 drilling rig
  • 2004

    Development of electric drill and ZGYX2500 drill
  • 2003

    Completed the development of a series of engineering piston machine, hydraulic drilling